Huejutla, un real, no name.
Fifth period, consignment 123-1866.
Image courtesy Mark Banchik.

The stamp shown above was in the Leo V. Corbett collection, and is the only known used stamp from consignment 123-1866. However, as Mark Banchik has pointed out, it is unfortunate that it may not be genuine. Jalapa received stamps on invoice 23-1866 and many were cancelled with the large round Jalapa cancel as remainders. These stamps were not overprinted with the Jalapa name. It is therefore possible that the stamp shown above simply had a "1" added in front of the original 23-1866 to turn it into a "rare" stamp. It may be difficult to prove one way or another whether this stamp was indeed part of consignment 123-1866 to Huejutla.

Fifth Period
Year Month Day Invoice ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R Comment
1866 7 16 123 0 500 600 500 0  
Total sent     1 0 500 600 500 0  


Leo Corbett found the following quantites to have survived:
Fifth period 123-1866
Un Dos Cuatro
Used in Jalapa 1 0 0
Unused 0 0 2