Huejutla, un real.
First period, name only.
Huejutla, dos reales.
First period, name only.

First period stamps may be found both with and without the Huejutla name overprinted. Only one stamp without name, cancelled in Tantoyuca, has been recorded.

A few stamps have been found with the invoice number 61-1864, in a style unlike the normal invoice overprints. The overprint is similar to, but smaller than, the second period overprints. This overprint is known on all three denominations, but only one or two copies of each are known. Corbett found just one each of the 1R and 2R, while he counted two of the 4R. The reason for this overprint is speculative, but may have come about if stamps were lost and later replaced. Corbett suggested that the invoice may have been delayed in Mexico City, where somebody noticed the missing overprint. At the time, the rules stated that stamps had to be overprinted with the invoice number. Perhaps it was added sometime after the invoice date, but before the stamps left for Huejutla.

These stamps are usually ascribed to the first period, since the invoice number is from that time. Images of these rarities can be seen on the Periods page.

First Period
Year Month Day Invoice ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R Comment
1864 5 25 61 0 200 300 100 0 Known overprinted 61-1864.
Total sent     1 0 200 300 100 0  


Leo Corbett found the following quantites to have survived:
First period
Un Dos Cuatro
Cancelled in Tuxpan. Name only. 4 8 0
Overprinted 61-1864 1 - 2 1 - 2 2
Cancelled in Tantoyuca. No name. 1 0 0