Stamp Usage ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R Total
Of all not returned 0.8% 0.35% 0.61% 0.62% 0.73% 0.55%
Rank 27 33 23 24 18 30
Chihuahua, dos reales. Rosales overprint in red.
Fourth period, consignment 169-1865.
Image courtesy Doug Stout.
Chihuahua District Info
State City pop. District pop. Distance to Mexico City Sub-numbers overprinted? Survival rate
Chihuahua 12000 45000 1242 km. (772 mi.) No Below average

In spite of the number of stamps sent to the Chihuahua district, genuinely used stamps are very scarce to rare. Mint remainders without district name overprint are, however, abundant on the market.

Beware of "used" stamps without district name overprint - odds are they have forged cancels. A MEPSI certificate is strongly recommended on all Chihuahua Eagles.

The genuinely used stamps have a variety of different overprints, usually applied across the top of the stamps: Chihuahua in black, Rosales in red, Parral in black, Rio Florido in black or blue, Allende in black and Santa Rosalia (in black?).

The district name overprints were applied to the stamps after they were placed on the letters. The only exception is at least one sheet of dos reales stamps from invoice 169-1865, which was overprinted with the Chihuahua name almost vertically on the stamps. All other Chihuahua overprints were applied like the other names, horizontally on the stamp, tying it to the cover in most cases.

The images you see here are indeed a rare treat. Thank you to the owner for sharing them with us.

Consignment totals
Period Year Month Day ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R
Fourth       1000 2500 5000 1000 500
Fifth       0 0 5000 0 0
Total sent       1000 2500 10000 1000 500

Chihuahua Sub-offices

Chihuahua had 5 sub-offices in the Eagle period:

ALLENDE (San Bartolome), PARRAL (Hidalgo del Parral), RIO FLORIDO (Villa Coronado), ROSALES and SANTA ROSALIA.