Apam, dos reales, first period.
From Jose Munoz to Antonio de Vertiz, sent April 19, 1865.
Stamp used almost a year from the day it was sent!
Written at Hacienda de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Mazaquiahuac, as indicated by an embossed seal.
A seal showing an Eagle reads Republica Mexicana.

According to Corbett, a few dos reales stamps have been found with the overprint 81-1864. Since first period stamps usually did not receive an invoice number overprint, this is a rather unusual occurence. It would seem that all the dos reales stamps with this overprint also have the sub-consignment number 7 printed on them. It is estimated that 300 first period dos reales stamps were sent to Otumba in this sub-consignment. No first period un real stamps were sent to Otumba in sub 7. However, Corbett states that maybe one sheet of each value, both un and dos reales, were overprinted, yet there is no indication anywhere that the un real stamps ever existed with the 81-1864 overprint. Neither Chapman, Bash nor Vannotti has mentioned these stamps to my knowledge. David Pietsch has found that none of these stamps have been sold in any major auction in the last 60 years at least!

First period stamps can be found without any name as well as used in Mexico City with both the Apam and Mexico overprints. Stamps overprinted Apam have been found used from Mexico, Morelia and Fresnillo (in Zacatecas).

The only known copy of a cuatro reales stamp has the overprint applied at both the top and bottom.

Splits of the dos reales stamps are known used from at least July 22, 1864, shortly after the second consignment should have been received. It's a mystery why that would be necessary, considering that plenty of un real stamps supposedly were at hand from the June 14 consignment. However, if the stamps were sent from Mexico on the invoice date, it is possible that they did not arrive in Apam until after July 22, and that the first consignment had been used up at that time. This explanation is somewhat far fetched, since it's difficult to account for a delay of more than a month.

Sub-consignment numbers were not overprinted in the first period, though stamps are known cancelled in sub-offices.

First Period
Year Month Day Invoice ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R Comment
1864 5 12 20 0 500 200 100 0 Found with both Apam and Mexico name
1864 6 14 81 0 500 500 0 0 Overprinted 81-1864
Total sent     2 0 1000 700 100 0