District: Acapulco

Stamp Usage ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R Total
Of all not returned 0.4% 0.07% 0.15% 0.49% 0.29% 0.17%
Rank 34 45 35 26 23 37
Acapulco un real, unused.
Fifth period, consignment 115-1866
Image courtesy Manuel Iglesias.
Acapulco District Info
State City pop. District pop. Distance to Mexico City Sub-numbers overprinted? Survival rate
Guerrero 3000 50000 405 km. (252 mi.) No Below average

Acapulco received its first and only consignment of stamps very late. It is believed that the post-office was open for only a few weeks.

Acapulco did not overprint its stamps. Very few stamps were actually used, but none of the unused stamps were returned and none have been found to date, according to Corbett. However, as you can clearly see above, at least one copy has been found unused - it has a green MEPSI certificate. No used copies of the medio real have been found so far, and the other values are quite scarce.

Consignment totals
Period Year Month Day ½R 1R 2R 4R 8R
Fifth       500 500 2500 800 200
Total sent       500 500 2500 800 200

Acapulco Sub-offices

Acapulco had no sub-offices in the Eagle period.